Preferred Alternative Depicted Above

Preferred Alternative Depicted Above

Thank you Chico for attending our series of community workshops.

Your input is a great asset to the successful development of this project and we are committed to keeping your goals and concerns in mind. Based on your feedback, we have created renderings of the three proposed overcrossing concepts below. Let us know which one you would prefer by filling out our comment form or sending us an email.

community workshop held july 12, 2017

community workshop held july 12, 2017

Mountain Valley Concept

Mountain Valley Concept

Swan Cable Stay Concept

Swan Cable Stay Concept




Our community workshop was a success thanks to your participation and feedback. Our next workshop will be held in February 2017. Sign up for updates and send us your questions and comments.


What is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is used to determine the viability of a project. The Study will also assess the cost and benefits of project and examine possible project alternatives. For bikeway and trail projects, like 20th Street, this assessment includes looking at alternative routes, impacts to the public, economic viability, and many other project factors.  

The Study will include input from the public, outline the project’s goals and vision, provide conceptual alternatives and ultimately recommend a preferred alternative. The Study will also outline what steps need to be taken to complete the project design and construction.

Why do we need a Feasibility Study?

In order to apply for Federal Grants and other funding sources, a Feasibility Study is required to demonstrate that these funds are being used in the best interest of the public. The Study will determine the project costs, schedule and value to the public. It will also provide a baseline summary of the project constraints to ensure successful project delivery.

What is the Status of the Project?

The project is just getting started. Gathering public input will be KEY to developing a thorough and useful feasibility study. For this reason, the City will be holding several Community Workshops to answer questions and get YOUR input on the project.


Community feedback is an important part of the Feasibility Study. Below are some of the comments from our December 2016 Community Workshop and some comments received via our website feedback form.

An overcrossing seems like the most convenient and economically sensible of the options. 20th Street can be very dangerous to cross as a pedestrian or a cyclist, so this project is necessary.

Improving safety is a major goal of this project. These benefits will provide support for the overcrossing alternative.

I currently do not use the existing Chico Mall crosswalk because it is too busy. If a dedicated cross-walk is added, include flashing lights that warn cars and a push button for bike crossing near the bike lane.

Providing a dedicated path of travel for bicyclists and pedestrians is a major goal of this project. These safety features will be considered for the cross-walk alternative.

Consider the following aesthetic features in the design; Trinity Hall Towers, Senator Theatre Tower, Hooker Oak, Bicycle elements, Solar Panels, Bidwell Mansion, City Seal, Rice Dryers, Meechoopda Creek, colored lights, arch truss, changing colored lights, and more trees.

These aesthetic features will be considered in the Study. Concept drawings incorporating some of these features will be provided at the next Community Workshop.

I cross 20th Street often on my way to work, and it always seems dangerous and long to cross. I think this project is important and should happen. It should also be aesthetically pleasing and safe.

Community safety and cultural aesthetics will be key considerations in the Study.

A traditional crosswalk would only exacerbate current traffic issues. An overcrossing with stairways to access the mall is certainly the best idea to maximize use and avoid additional traffic.

Traffic analysis and impacts will be included in the Study to assess the cross-walk option.

I tend to avoid this area on my bike ride because of the heavy traffic flow that makes it feel unsafe. Consider restriping the highway overcrossing to add bike lanes at the ramp intersections.

Separating pedestrians and cyclists from traffic is a key consideration to assess these alternatives. Restriping of the 99 Overcrossing will be considered in the study.

We already have homeless, trash, and safety issues with undercrossings in town. These issues should be studied and mitigated for the undercrossing alternative.

These issues will be evaluated as part of the safety concerns of the Study.

Bicycle flow is important. The trail alignment should not include any sharp turns and should take the most direct route.

Bicycle flow to optimize and ease bicycle traffic will be considered in the Study.

Minimizing traffic congestion is very important. I would support money being spent on Chico’s roadways instead of bikeway.

The proposed project funding source is a Federal Active Transportation Grant which is intended to improve pedestrian and bicycle transportation.

There are other acceptable routes along this corridor. Consider trails and crossings in other areas of the City. I am more concerned with crossing 99 at this location.

We are always striving to improve trail connections throughout the City. The goal of this project is to provide a connection for the Bikeway 99 Corridor which runs North-South along Highway 99.

The intersection at Forest Ave and 20th St. and traffic along Business Lane is very busy. The alternative that runs along business lane will provide great access for Oxford Suites patrons.

These features and consideration for local business operations will be considered when assessing this alternative.

Consider removing shrubs along the highway ramps to remove potential for transients and increase safety.

Shrub removal to improve safety and deter transients will be considered in the Study.